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Your KEY to the House 

“Your KEY to the House” -- Vote on August 2, 2022, or by absentee ballot


  • The Michigan Constitutional Amendment to protect women’s reproductive rights and Roe v Wade principles.

  • The Michigan Constitutional voter rights amendment to expand citizen participation in elections and to thwart voter suppression.

  • Infrastructure development, including improved roads, renewable energy, high-speed broadband, cost-effective and reliable utilities, and improved transportation options.

  • Environmental protection, including clean air and water, safe public water supplies, conservation programs, and actions against polluters of our natural resources.

  • Programs to address climate change including the expansion of cost-effective renewable energy resources customer distributed generation, and energy efficiency programs to reduce energy waste.

  • Public education, including K-12 schools, higher education, and job skills training programs

  • Economic development programs, and focus on state strategies to assist citizens and families in mitigating inflationary impacts.

  • Programs to enhance public safety, including security in schools and at other public gatherings.

Don Keskey Knows the 75th District

  • Don Keskey has been a homeowner in East Lansing and then Haslett since 1975, now 47 years

  • Don Keskey has been a past Board Member and President of a 93 Unit condominium community in Haslett for over 15 years, and a past Board Member and President of another 28-unit condominium community in Haslett for 10 years

  • Don Keskey knows the key issues and needs affecting the 75th District and the State of Michigan


John Freeman, Non-Profit Executive Director

Former State Representative (Oakland County)

“On behalf of hundreds of Michigan utility customers who are members of our nonprofit
association, we are very appreciative of Don Keskey’s legal efforts in scores of cases before the
Michigan Public Service Commission to advocate for the expansion of customer-owned and
community-owned solar facilities to help customers reduce their energy bills, to address climate
change concerns by reducing reliance on fossil fuel generation, and to require Michigan utilities
to plan for replacing high-cost fossil fuel generation with more cost-effective renewable energy


333 Albert Ave, Suite 425, East Lansing, MI 48823

(517) 643-3800

Carol Dane, Treasurer

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